Choosing The Right Lighting

The Family Room

The family room serves many functions so it needs to have flexible lighting.  Consider the activities you foresee happening and plan accordingly.  If the family room is used mainly for activities like homework and scrap booking then task lighting is very important.  For example, place sconces next to a desk and install a pendant over a work table.  If relaxation is the main activity, sconces work well on either end of the sofa to provide light for reading or at both ends of a mantel for a warm glow.  For either plan you can utilize one or more chandeliers to provide basic illumination and enhance the decorative theme of the house.  If the room is more contemporary then a flush mount or semi- flush mount could be an option.  Remember to layer the light and control the layers independently so your family room can adapt to its different functions as needed.   

Kitchen and Dining Areas

Most often the kitchen is the busiest part of the house. Not only is food prepared here, but your family and friends gather here as well. Proper lighting is a must for performing culinary skills, reading the paper or helping your kids with their homework. Mixing various types of fixtures will create a comfortable space while at the same time giving you the proper lighting your kitchen needs. This is also called layering. For example, task lighting is placed over the sink and prep areas where close work is done regularly. Task lighting can be provided by a pendant over a work area or a sconce on either side of the sink. To contrast, the dining space is illuminated with a chandelier which provides ambient light for meals. This also separates the dining areas from the work area. Size is an important factor when choosing fixtures. A large chandelier would be out of place in a smaller dining space so choose a smaller one. This doesn�t mean you have to sacrifice style. Mini-chandeliers and island fixtures have become very popular as family meals have moved from the more formal dining rooms to the kitchen area. Whatever your style is, Capital Lighting has a wide variety of fixtures to help you achieve the perfect lighting plan.


When lighting a bedroom, you want to create an atmosphere of quiet relaxation, while providing bright spots for reading and other activities.  Just like the kitchen and dining areas, layering fixtures is important when designing your lighting in the bedroom.  Since it is most likely to double as a playroom and/or study hall as well as a place to sleep, a child so room needs just as much attention to lighting as the other rooms in the home.  Choose a ceiling fixture that provides an even light distribution as a foundation for other fixtures.  Sconces added to a desk area create proper lighting for tasks like homework, computer work and craft projects.  Encourage bedtime reading by installing swing arm lamps next to the bed.  Don’t forget that you can be both creative and efficient when planning the proper lighting for a child so bedroom.  Consider softer finishes and glass colors to create a neutral palate for new bedroom themes growing up is sure to bring. 

Like a child's, the master bedroom uses these same ideas.  By using layers of light, this personal space can quickly transform from a staging area to a place for quiet relaxation as well as a space for performing tasks like sewing or computer work.  Avoid using fixtures with dark shades or glass in the task areas and install dimmer switches so you can control the lighting to reflect your mood.  For a dramatic bedroom, use a chandelier with decorative sconces that compliment.  Sconces are especially useful when bedside tables are too crowded for a lamp.  Not only an easy solution but this allows you the convenience of light at your fingertips. 

Whichever lights you choose make sure they are a reflection of your style and taste. After all it is your room.

Dining Room

Once used only for special occasions, a smartly lit dining room can also be a work zone or casual gathering place.  Here again layering is used to achieve proper lighting.  Start by installing a chandelier over the table.  Since the chandelier is the now the focal point of the room, make sure that it reflects your own personal style.  Chandeliers come in all shapes, finishes and sizes so the hardest part will be choosing one.  It is important to base the size of the fixture around the table not the size of the room.  If you have a smaller table in large room you might end up with a fixture that�s bigger than the table!  Choosing the right finish is also important.  Consider what finishes are in the great room or other adjacent rooms and remember that the finish should compliment, not match or contrast.  Crystal chandeliers are one of the most popular ways to compliment a dining room setting.  Even if they are turned off, crystal chandeliers give an enchanting feel to the room.  The next group of fixtures to think about is wall sconces.  Sconces come in many styles so matching the chandelier is easy.  Consider placing them on either side of a buffet or serving table to add depth and interest as well as fill in the background.  Once you have chosen and installed your new fixtures you will want to install dimmers to complete the look.  A dimmer will let you vary the illumination to your dining atmosphere whether it is a romantic dinner for two or work station for a science project.  By using all of these techniques your dinning room will be both fashionable and functional.


In most homes bathrooms are overlooked when it comes to planning proper lighting.  Typically there is a vanity fixture above the sink/mirror and a ceiling fixture for the rest of the space.  Since the day begins and ends in the bathroom, why not spend a little extra time choosing fixtures that ensure you and your bathroom look your best everyday.  To start a vanity fixture should be placed over the mirror.  The most popular style is a two or three light fixture but it all depends on the size of the mirror.  To avoid shadows, sconces work well on either side of the mirror.  Remember a well lit bathroom has the added benefit of perfectly applied makeup, flawless hair and more!  Flush mount ceiling fixtures are perfect for the toilet and shower areas or the center of the room to fill it entirely with proper light.  Larger bathrooms could even accommodate a chandelier as a center fixture.  Like any other area of the house, fixtures in the bathroom should reflect your style.  For a whimsical touch, add a mini-chandelier.  It will add romance and even make you feel a little pampered.  Installing a dimmer switch to the vanity and center lights allows you to adjust the room to your mood.  Spending more time choosing bathroom fixtures adds value to any home.  There are three rooms that need to be impressive or have the WOW factor when reselling a home and the bathroom is arguably number one.  Whether it is personal style or for resale vaule, proper lighting fixtures are a must for your bathroom!