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Frequently Asked Questions


From where does Capital ship its fixtures?

Our warehouse is located in Flowery Branch, GA, northeast of the metro Atlanta area.

I'm looking for a distributor in my area, but cannot locate one on your website.

Please call Capital Customer Service at 800.323.3257 for additional information.

Do you sell to the public?

At this time Capital Lighting products are only sold through distributors.

I would like to order a catalog.

You can order our full-line catalog on this website or contact a distributor in your area.

Online Ordering / Product Search


How do I search for a specific product?

To find a product, create a search by selecting the desired Collection, Type or Finish. Click Go. Mouse over the image representing that category and click on it. The results of your search will appear on the page. If there are multiple fixtures that meet your criteria, the number of pages will be displayed.

What if I know the specific item number for a product?

You may search by item number or keyword. Click on the Search link in the upper right hand corner of the page. You may enter specific product information or an item number in the search box, and then hit Submit. Your results will be displayed on the following Search Results Page.

How can I obtain additional product information?

To see additional product information such as dimmensions, glass type or available finishes, scroll through the pages to view the fixtures for that category. Click on any of the images for additional product information.

Can I view a larger image of the product?

Yes, you can view a larger image of any of our fixtures be simply clicking on the image or selecting View Larger Image for the Additional Product Information box. Once you are finished, just click on the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the box to close it.

Online Ordering / Shopping Cart


How do I add items to my Shopping Cart?

Once you have selected the fixture you would like to purchase, click on Purchase and you will be taken to the Shopping Cart. The fixture you have selected will be automatically added to your cart.

Can I change my item quantity?

Yes. To change the number of fixtures that you would like to order, go to your Shopping Cart. Enter the new quantity in the Quantity field and click Update Quantities. The Shopping Cart will then recalculate your Extended Price based on the new quantity.

How do I delete items from my shopping cart?

Should you decide you do not want to purchase a particular fixture that is already in your Shopping Cart, simply change the Quantity to "0" (zero) and click on Update Quantities. The Shopping Cart will then remove that item from your order.

What if I need to cancel an order?

Your order is not finalized or transmitted until you select the Submit Order button on the Order Confirmation page. If you decide that you would no longer like to purchase the items in your Shopping Cart and would like to clear the Shopping Cart contents for future use, simply change the Quantity to "0" (zero) for all items in the cart and click on Update Quantities. This will clear all items from your Shopping Cart.

How does the Quick Order Form work?

The Quick Order Form allows you to quickly and easily add the item numbers and the quantities of fixtures without having to click on each item and select Purchase. Any time you visit the Capital Lighting website and know which fixtures that you would like to purchase, click on the Quick Order Form link on the upper right hand corner of the page. Enter the Item Number and Quantity. Once you click on Purchase, you will be taken to your Shopping Cart. Once in your Shopping Cart, you can Update Quantities, Continue Shopping or proceed to Checkout.

Product Information


The vanity fixture I've selected has soft white glass. Can I get it with mist scavo glass?

Most of our glass shades for vanity fixtures are interchangeable and can be purchased separately from our distributors. Be sure to check with your distributor that the glass in which you are interested will fit the vanity fixture correctly.

How do I order replacement glass or shades?

Most distributors stock replacement glass or can order it. Pricing information is available from your local Capital Lighting distributor.

How much chain and wire comes with my chandelier?

Most of our hanging fixtures include 10 feet of chain and 15 feet of wire. However, there are exceptions (e.g., pendants, petite chandeliers). Chain information is shown in our catalog and is also available from your distributor.

Can I get extra chain for my hanging fixture?

Additional chain is available for purchase for all hanging fixtures. It is important to identify the fixture for which you are ordering the chain to ensure you receive the proper gauge.

I see a fixture I like but would like it in another finish.

Fixtures are available in the finish shown on this website and in any other finish that is listed with the particular fixture.

Are installation instructions included with the fixture?

Installation instructions are included with all Capital Lighting fixtures. They are found in the orange parts bag inside the box. Additional installation instructions can be provided on an as needed basis. Contact your Capital Lighting distributor.

I'm missing a part to my fixture. What can I do?

Missing and/or replacement parts can be ordered through your Capital Lighting distributor.

My builder needs to know the backplate dimensions of the vanity fixture I've selected. How can I find this?

Your Capital Lighting distributor can provide you with this information.

Can I order fixtures in a custom size?

At this time, our fixtures are available only in the sizes shown.

How do I know what size chandelier is best for my dining room?

Generally, the diameter of a dining room chandelier should be equal in inches to the length plus width of the dining room in feet. Example: For a room measuring 12 feet x 15 feet, the fixture should have a diameter of 27 inches. (12 + 15 = 27).

How far above my dining table should a chandelier hang?

The chandelier should hang 30 inches above the table and 12 inches narrower than the table. If the dining room ceiling is higher than 8 feet, the chandelier should be raised 3 inches for each additional foot of ceiling height.

I want to extend or shorten the length of my mini pendant. Can I purchase extra rods or take out any portion of the rods that co

Each of our mini pendants is assembled using removable sectional rods in varying lengths. Additional rods can be purchased through a Capital Lighting distributor.

My fixture takes a 60-Watt bulb. Can I use a higher wattage for more light?

No. You may use less wattage, but never more.

Can I use a dimmer on my fixture?

Yes- and using dimmers will increase the life of the fixture's bulbs.

What is the difference between damp location and wet location rating?

Damp indicates areas in which the fixture will have indirect contact with moisture (bathrooms, garages). Wet indicates an area in which the fixture may have direct contact with moisture (outside and breezeways).

Will a mini pendant work in a sloped ceiling?

Yes. Our mini pendants come with a swivel on the ceiling canopies to handle very steep ceilings (almost 90 degrees of rotation on some models).