Bedroom Lighting


Bedroom lighting should create a sense of warmth and calm and invite you to relax in the space.  General ambient lighting should be provided by recessed lighting.  Your central focal fixture in the bedroom can be either a ceiling fan or a chandelier, depending on your personal taste and the climate in which you reside.  A decorative chandelier is a beautiful way to set the mood of your bedroom.

Effective lighting near your bed is crucial but there are many more options that just table lamps.  Swing arm or other decorative wall sconces on either side of your bed are a good choice.  Another possibility is to hang a more decorative mini-pendant or mini-chandelier on either side of your bed.  This option creates effective lighting right where you need it, while also keeping your night stand surface clear.

A key component to bedroom lighting is a dimmer switch.  Your bedroom lighting scheme will be the most useful when every component is on a dimmer switch, allowing you to turn down the brightness as you prepare to go to sleep and to ease you into wakefulness in the mornings.

Suggested Light Layers for Bedrooms: