Dining Room Lighting


Lighting is the jewelry to your overall home design and nowhere in your home is that more apparent than in the selection of your dining room chandelier and sconces.  Dining room lighting needs to retain functionality via lighting layers, but it should also show off your personal style.  Your dining room chandelier should coordinate with your furniture and your overall design aesthetic.  Do not be afraid to mix things up for your dining room light fixture.  The key is to remain complementary; matching is not required.

Sizing your dining room chandelier can be one of the most challenging items in a lighting design.  There are two handy rules to follow to appropriately size your dining room chandelier.

Generally, the diameter of the chandelier should be equal (in inches) to the length plus width of the dining room (in feet).

An alternative sizing option is to take the width/diameter of your table and subtract 12 inches; your fixture should be this diameter.

Dining room chandeliers should be hung so that the bottom-most part of the light fixture is 30 inches off the table top for an 8 foot ceiling.  For each additional foot of ceiling height, the fixture should be raised an additional 2-3 inches off the table top.

Suggested Light Layers for Dining Rooms: